NIO is preparing a new model called ES7


Previously, this project flashed on the Web under the name Gemini, but only now more details became known to insiders.

The Chinese manufacturer of premium electric vehicles is preparing a new model called ES7. According to the publication, the car should go into mass production in June 2022.

We have previously reported that the brand is preparing a mysterious project codenamed Gemini. Then the media foreshadowed a new entry-level electric car that should take the brand to the lower segments.

However, it is now revealed that NIO registered the name ES7 on May 13th. Insiders inside the plant claim that this is the very Gemini. Apparently, the ES7 will be a new mid-size crossover that will sit between the ES6 and the flagship ES8.

According to unofficial information, the new electric car will be produced at the company’s plant in Hefei. It has a four-year life cycle, and the annual circulation should be about 60 thousand copies. Interestingly, just recently NIO announced the construction of a new production line, which is designed for large quantities.

Recall that the brand is currently developing a new sub-brand, which may appear next year. So far, it bears the working title Alps. Judging by some of the reports provided by people familiar with this issue, the new sub-brand will be focused on electric vehicles of the lower and middle class. The price range for cars should be between 150,000 and 250,000 yuan.