Nio starts production of its first sedan ET7


The debut of Nio ET7 from a Chinese startup was organized back in January. Now, a serial sedan with a power reserve of a thousand kilometers is on the conveyor belt.

In the Nio model range, replenishment: crossovers ES8, ES6 and a coupe-like EC6 will “dilute” the new Nio ET7 electric sedan. Externally, the new electric car is decorated in the brand’s corporate design: smooth shapes and streamlined lines, thin long optics and a minimum of relief.

Inside the car, as in previous models of the startup, the idea of ​​a “second living room” is implemented. We tried to make the interior as comfortable and cozy as possible, but at the same time stylish, technological and ergonomic. The designers have chosen warm pastel shades and minimalism in the decor.

The central place in the cabin is occupied by the touchscreen of the on-board computer, which is responsible for all the functions of the electric car. And the first Nio sedan was equipped with a unique assistant with artificial intelligence – Nomi.

The on-board assistant received a whole range of the latest NAD (Nio Autonomous Driving) technologies, which are provided immediately by 33 sensors around the perimeter of the electric car. They bring autonomous driving technology to the next level.

The ET7 sedan turned out to be larger than its main competitor – Tesla Model S. Its length exceeds the mark of five meters, and the wheelbase is 3.06 meters. The base sedan is equipped with one 245-horsepower electric motor. The top modification receives a twin-engine power plant with a total output of 653 hp. Up to a hundred electric cars will accelerate in 3.9 seconds.

The 70 kWh battery guarantees a cruising range of about 500 kilometers. With a 100 kWh battery, the electric sedan will travel 700 kilometers without recharging. And with the latest 150 kWh battery. the range rises to 1000 kilometers.

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