Nissan GT-R Grudge Races Challenger Hellcat and C6 Corvette, Someone Got Shamed


Although many appreciate the mighty quarter-mile events that gather around the best of the best every once in a while, nothing is pumping the adrenaline as much as close-quarters battles at an intimate venue, especially if we’re dealing with grudge matches.

While the former only take place occasionally, the latter are probably organized regularly. At least at this undisclosed location, since it’s not the first time we have witnessed some quarter-mile coolness at this venue, courtesy of the Drag Racing and Car Stuff channel on YouTube.

Oddly enough, it’s like having a déjà vu, since the focus of the latest feature (video embedded below) is once more on an R35 Nissan GT-R. The Japanese sports car is white this time around, so we know it’s not the same as the blue example that previously ducked it out with a crimson C7 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 for eternal glory.

Or, rather, to settle a grudge, since we are dealing here with no time rematches designed to safely and entertainingly settle a score. It seems the crowd is pleased, as always, judging by the number of onlookers both in the stands and near the dragstrip lanes.

Anyways, that makes it kind of hard to make out the design of the racers. But luckily, we are dealing with some of the usual suspects, and we have no trouble recognizing the initial burgundy competitor as a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (the description also gave it away, of course).

The race kicks off at the 0:50 mark, and although it was the Dodge who initially seemed to get the upper hand thanks to a better launch, in the end, it was the JDM representative that came out victorious. A blue C6 Chevy Corvette then tried to wipe the shame away for domestic representatives at the 1:30 mark, but it turned out to be futile…