Nissan Patrol Y61 Modernized Render Is a Short Answer for Land Cruiser J300 Fans


In North America, the Nissan Armada is the rightful successor of the legendary Patrol nameplate. The latter is one of those Japanese models that are probably just as famous among off-road fans (alongside the Land Cruiser and Pajero) as is the German luxury trio (A4, 3 Series, C-Class) for classic sedan lovers. And even though it’s not offered across all markets, the Patrol remains a true survivor.

So, the current Patrol / Armada has the Y62 generation designation. Meaning it’s the sixth iteration of the iconic model that was born no less than seven decades ago, in 1951. And because just about everyone wants a larger vehicle than ever before, it’s only available with a five-door body style. But just take a look at the popularity of the 2-Door 2021 Ford Bronco in America and one can imagine that some people might still prefer the compact practicality of a three-door full-size SUV.

Case in point, the Nissan Patrol’s Y61 fifth generation has been retired for some time, except for a few venues, as the model remains in production in South Africa, Morocco, or Pakistan. As such, it wouldn’t be entirely odd to see it make a comeback in modernized form to present itself as a possible three-door alternative to the successful Toyota Land Cruiser J300. After all, some have already imagined its more luxurious sibling, the 2023 Lexus LX, as a “little” three-door coupe.

This quick render done by the pixel master behind the m99dxb social media account is equally unofficial. So, there are very slim chances for Nissan to ever invest the cash needed to make this trendy three-door Y61 Patrol a reality. But that doesn’t mean it can’t provide a short (quite literally) and virtual answer to the bundle of Land Cruiser J300 fans.

We just wish the virtual artist had taken the proper time to come up with a full preview for this Y61 Patrol redesign. Instead, we’re left wondering how the sides and rear would look like because the sole view comes from the front. Still, we can easily see the modern, Nismo-inspired influences, with visible red touches for the Nissan badges on the grille and alloy wheels, as well as the mirror caps or the side stripes.