Numbers-Matching 1973 BMW R75/5 Wears the Toaster-Style Gas Tank We All Adore


Recently, BMW managed to stir a fair bit of controversy with the abominable grille they’ve slapped on the facelifted M3 and M4 models. However, let’s give credit where credit is due, shall we? The isolated occurrences when the House of Munich gets something wrong are few and far between, so I guess we’ll eventually forgive them for slaughtering the beloved kidney grille on these machines.

At the end of the day, the Bavarian manufacturer graced us with countless two- and four-wheeled marvels over the years, and this fact alone should cleanse their sins – at least in part. To take our minds off the recent mishaps for a minute, we’ll leave the cars aside and examine a gorgeous entity that’s been produced by Motorrad back in the early seventies.

To be exact, what you’re seeing here is a pristine 1973 BMW R75/5 that packs numbers-matching componentry, a toaster-style fuel chamber, and a youthful pair of Avon Roadrider tires. Furthermore, the bike’s engine was subjected to a comprehensive rebuild under current ownership, receiving dual-spark cylinder heads and fresh fuel lines, as well as a Dynatek ignition booster and new spark plugs.

Following the overhaul, the mill flaunts an additional four cubic centimeters of displacement. The drivetrain modules have been honored with an invigorating makeover, as were the Beemer’s Bing carburetors and telescopic forks. In terms of its fundamental specifications, the ‘73 MY R75/5 features an air-cooled 749cc boxer-twin powerplant, with two pushrod-operated valves per cylinder.

At 6,200 rpm, this bad boy will go about delivering 50 ponies to a four-speed gearbox, which spins the rear wheel through a shaft final drive. Without further ado, we’re thrilled to tell you this spotless titan is going under the hammer at no reserve on Bring A Trailer, and you’d need a mere 3,500 bucks to best the current bid (for now)! If you’re feeling inclined to do just that, we’ll have you know the BaT auction will be open until Monday, October 18.