NY Jets’ Jamison Crowder Bought This Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, Kept Mods to a Minimum


As far as I’m concerned, the fourth-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo was the last iteration of this nameplate to be considered worthy of having iconic status. It’s not that the newer fifth and sixth-generation models crapped the bed in terms of sales, but they were highly generic, especially the fifth-gen cars. Now, just yesterday, we published a story about NBA star Chris Paul and his custom 1977 Monte Carlo, which was a second-gen car. Today, we found out about another professional athlete who’s a fan of this model, except his car is a little bit newer. What you’re looking at is a mid-80s, fourth-gen Monte Carlo SS, customized by Dreamworks Motorsports for none other than New York Jets wide receiver Jamison Crowder. According to the tuner, Crowder wanted to keep the car as factory standard as possible with regards to mechanical modifications, given the fact that it’s a relatively low-mileage example (23,000 miles) with its original paint and interior. Chevy brought back the SS package for this version of the Monte Carlo in 1983, following a 12-year absence. These cars featured a different front fascia compared to non-SS variants, a subtle trunk lid spoiler and a V8 engine. Crowder’s ride did undergo a few alterations, but nothing that cannot be undone. The first thing you might notice is how big the wheels are, which might not be to everyone’s liking. The Jets wideout went with a set of 22-inch Forgiato wheels, while also giving the go-ahead for the addition of a custom exhaust system. Inside, there’s a JL Audio sound system with an Alpine head unit, as well as ambient lighting and a working air conditioning system. From a car enthusiast’s standpoint, the NFL player deserves props for not doing anything wacky to this car, visually. In fact, if it wasn’t for those large wheels, this Monte Carlo would look period accurate.