Odell Beckham Jr’s Cullinan Ditches Spirit of Ecstasy Ornament for Sculpture of NFL Star


We’ve seen a lot of custom Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUVs as of late, but very few with bespoke hood ornaments. That’s because most people dare not mess around with the car’s iconic Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture. However, when you’re a professional athlete known for pulling off spectacular catches on any given Sunday, well then, all bets are off when it comes to how “far” you’ll go when customizing your ride. After getting traded from the New York Giants to the Cleveland Browns back in 2019, OBJ really committed to the team, so much so that he had his luxury SUV custom-wrapped to better represent the colors of his new team. The car was entrusted to Dreamworks Motorsports, the same company that modified Beckham Jr’s Lamborghini Urus, and as you can see, it looks considerably more vibrant than before – when it used to be black. Let’s run through some of the mods, starting with those custom-painted 26-inch Forgiato wheels with floating Rolls-Royce center caps. The gloss black aesthetic creates a powerful contrast thanks to those orange center caps, not to mention the orange brake calipers. Then you’ve got the custom Dawg Pound Orange wrap, matching the Browns’ helmets and various uniform accents – the wrap works pretty well from a visual standpoint, helped mainly by all the visible dark surfaces, such as the tinted windows and the blacked-out taillights. There’s a lot of orange inside too, plus a custom one-off headliner and a custom sound system, with the subwoofers encased in a makeshift Rolls-Royce grille. Now we arrive at the pièce de résistance, a chrome figurine of OBJ performing “The Catch”, replacing the car’s existing Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture. If you’re wondering what “The Catch” is, allow me to explain, because it’s a lot more significant than a simple catch performed by a wide receiver. During a Sunday Night Football game against the Dallas Cowboys in 2014, OBJ caught the ball with one hand, fully stretched out, using less fingertip surface area than it would take to unlock a smartphone. It is one of the greatest catches in NFL history. Of course, Beckham Jr was in a NY Giants uniform back then, and this sculpture has orange accents while the Giants’ numbers font is white for the home uniforms and red for the road jerseys. So, in a way, the custom sculpture makes it seem as though he made that catch in a Browns uniform, but now we’re just nitpicking.