On electric cars Tesla Model Y and Model 3 for the US market, they abandoned the use of radars


Elon Musk himself has long announced that he sympathizes with the technologies of the so-called machine vision. And radars, in his opinion, are a passed stage.

Already this month, at the home car market, Tesla will begin offering customers Model Y and Model 3 electric cars, the list of which will not include traditional radars. Moreover, in the very near future, the automaker plans to remove radars on its other models – Model S and Model X.

Moreover, the technological reform will affect not only cars assembled in America, but also electric cars that came off the assembly line in China. Tesla is confident that cameras will do a great job with radar functions, with the support of accompanying software.

During the transition period, the brand’s customers will have to come to terms with the fact that the first batches of electric cars without radars will lose some of their functions. This is, for example, a lane control function or automatic parking. As soon as the software is upgraded, electric vehicles will again acquire these capabilities.

Later, the beta version of the newest FSD 9.0 software package will also start working with cameras alone.

With its help, the electric car independently orients itself at intersections and traffic lights. It is this proprietary autopilot that, by the way, will soon become available by subscription with a monthly fee. The brand plans to create a full-fledged autopilot that works exclusively on the computer vision system.