Overlooked Jaguar XJ Gets Imaginative Widebody and Rotiform 917 Makeover


With a long and elegant lineage dating back to 1968, Jaguar’s XJ is one of the most renowned premium British sedan lines. Yet, it somehow managed to sizzle out during the 2010s to such an extent that even its planned electric revival got canceled.

Granted, it’s been increasingly hard for sedans of all makes to resist the constant assault from a consumer world infatuated with everything crossover-, SUV- and truck-related. And although many will consider the X351 XJ lines as some of the best Jaguar has achieved over the past decade, even more automotive aficionados will choose to send this sedan to the recycle bin without remorse.

As for us, we are trying to do our part in helping everyone remember this once-great nameplate. We also have a little bit of help from the pixel master tucked behind the budinasdesigns account on social media. And it comes in the form of a reworked Jaguar XJ that went berserk in search of a new aftermarket lease of life.

Frankly, the first time we saw this take on the British sedan, it felt that its blue-purple hue and abstract background really didn’t do justice to the virtual artist’s widebody efforts. Luckily, the CGI expert took the rough-looking aerodynamic kit, the slammed appearance, as well as the gold-colored Rotiform 917 wheels and flipped the setting a little bit.

Now, the virtually built Jaguar XJ comes in a silver hue that makes it look as if we’re dealing with something colder than ice. Additionally, it did the project justice with a new and improved urban night sky background, which makes everything feel a tad more life-like. Even the crimson spotlight hues will get a hall pass this time around.

Now, all we have to do is hope that somebody will one day catch a derelict Jaguar XJ and dare to go all out like this on the British premium sedan…