Owning an electric car is more expensive than owning a car with a classic internal combustion engine


According to a recent study, electric vehicles cost more than twice as much in the first three months of operation as vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

Electric vehicles, which are often marketed as the type of vehicle that require lower operating costs compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, can actually cost more than double the price during the first three months of ownership.

These are the results of a new study published by the We Predict team that compiled millions of auto repair and maintenance documents to determine the cost of a vehicle during the first 90 days of ownership. The study found that maintenance costs for electric vehicles averaged $ 123 during this period, and gasoline-powered cars averaged $ 53.

Unsurprisingly, new technology is not cheap.

According to the study, parts for electric vehicles ($ 65 on average) cost more than parts for gasoline-powered cars ($ 28). The cost of wages to foremen when servicing electric vehicles is also higher: an average of $ 58, compared with $ 25 for internal combustion engine vehicles during this period.

These costs include warranty repairs and maintenance, so the owner may not feel a burn in the wallet. It is also worth noting that since repairs and labor are about twice as expensive as gasoline-powered vehicles, the total price, which is twice as high, suggests that EV owners do not necessarily make more trips to the dealer in the first 90 years. … days.

Likewise, premium cars ($ 69) tend to have higher 90-day costs than mass market cars ($ 33). As noted by James Davis, founder and CEO of We Predict, high prices for early renovations imply high prices for renovations later.