Patrick Mahomes Buys Toddler a Black Lamborghini Urus Toy Car for Her First Christmas


You gotta start them young when it comes to a passion for beautiful, collectible cars. Look no further than celebrity kids who, even before they’re of legal age, have already amassed an impressive collection of toy and real cars. Patrick Mahomes’ daughter Sterling could probably be in the running for the youngest aspiring driver, if there was such a competition. The NFL star celebrated Christmas with his fiancee, high-school sweetheart Brittany Matthews, and their daughter Sterling. Born in February this year, Sterling hasn’t even reached the one-year milestone, but she’s already the proud “owner” of a Lamborghini Urus. It’s a toy car Urus, but still, it’s a nice treat. In an interview with The Drive on 610 Sports Radio (see below, with this part of the chat right at the beginning), Mahomes said that Brittany got Sterling the black Urus, joking that it’s probably “a bad sign” for him that she’s already getting cars for presents. Like, if she gets a toy Urus for her first Christmas, imagine what he’ll have to buy for her sweet sixteen. On the other hand, “it was awesome, and you can control it through a little remote control too,” Mahomes admitted. “I don’t think she understood what Christmas was yet, but she understood she got a lot of toys,” he added. Brittany posted a photo of the toddler in her sweet new ride, and indeed, she seemed thrilled. As would any other toddler in her position. As celebrity car presents go, this is far from the most outrageous choice. A remote-controlled Urus is usually a hair over $300, and it provides great fun for kids older than three (recommended). Powered by a 12V4.5Ah battery and two 35W motors, it has working lights and a safety belt, forward and reverse gears, three speeds with a top speed of 2.5 mph (4 kph), and 2.4G parental remote control. It also has Lamborghini brand badges, music, and MP3 connectivity. Even at this young age, you can’t roll in your Lambo without rocking to your favorite music – which in this case is probably “Baby Shark,” but we don’t judge.