Pipegun Electric Kick-Bike Is Here to Show That Dirt Is Glitter


Too much emphasis on functionality and affordability does tend to have this downside: the fun is lost. With the fun also goes creativity, and the ability to express yourself through your ride. One urban mobility company aims to change that, without losing too much on the affordability scale. That company is Tozz Bikes, a startup based in Istanbul, Turkey. Their first two-wheel urban mobility solution is Pipegun #1, PG1 for short, which made its official debut at the 2021 edition of Design Week Turkey 2021, which took place between December 17 and 18. It was the first time the public set eye on the Pipegun and, it seems, reception of it was so positive that the bike is coming to market. What makes the Pipegun stand out is the fact that this is no regular bike. It’s an electric kick-bike, a hybrid two-wheeler that is half-bike and half-skateboard, rocking BMW wheels in vibrant pink, and boasting a solid, confidence-inspiring frame in stainless steel. Offered in two power options, the Pipegun serves a double function: to be a reliable ride and, at the same time, a product that simply oozes creativity and style. It is, in short, something different from everything else. Granted, the latter functionality is of a more superficial nature and it’s ok if you think that. It probably means this bike is not for you. “The PG1 is not exactly a means of transportation,” reads the product’s official description. “It is a way of showing the world that you are not one of them.” So there you have it. The Pipegun wants to be at home both in the city and outside of it, so “Dirt is glitter” is just one of the catchphrases used to describe this two-wheeler. Riding on 20” Salt Tracer BMX tires that absorb repetitive impacts, the kick-bike features a patented, handcrafted frame designed to be durable, safe and comfortable. Power comes either from a 250W / 45 Nm or a 500W / 60 Nm rear hub BLDC motor, and an in-built lithium-ion battery. Tozz mentions a 21-mile-per-charge (34 km) range, with a full charge achievable in eight hours. The range is not that impressive if you live in a big city, especially if you were counting on something to get you back and forth. But it’s enough to take you to your destination and, hopefully, it’ll be your workplace, so you can afford to spend the next eight hours charging it. Top speed is 25 kph (15.5 mph) and 35 kph (22 mph), respectively, depending on which motor options you choose. The Pipegun weighs a maximum of 19.5 kg (43 pounds) and has a maximum payload of 120 kg (264.5 pounds). Future riders should consider the kick-bike’s weight upon purchase, since it doesn’t look like the battery is removable. In other words, you will have to haul this thing up and down the stairs to wherever you live to charge. Pipegun lives in the gray area between several urban mobility solutions, and Tozz Bikes is betting heavily on this to attract new customers. It’s also betting on a bold marketing campaign that includes bragging about how they “can’t stand” mediocrity and won’t claim to be able to solve the climate crisis – but at least they’re trying. If you’re convinced, pre-order books are now open (though you can’t actually pre-order it unless you contact Tozz Bikes directly), and the price starts at $2,100. “e-Mobility products in the market are designed and developed to move people from point A to point B with less consumption of energy and time,” designer Burak Kazar says for DesignBoom. “These are great specifications for commuting and go with the flow – or usually rush – of the city. However most of them are designed to fulfill the requirements and still need some seasoning to be more fun and even offbeat. We removed that secret seasoning from our design cellar and created pipegun #1.”