Plymouth Superscion TC Is Part of a Weird Series


Albert Einstein once said that everything is relative. You can look at a glass of water and complain that it’s half empty, or you can be thankful that it’s half full. Boredom is relative too. It can be hard to live with, or it can stimulate you to start using your creativity. And that’s when a new world opens up for you.

I’m not saying that everyone who’s doing virtual car renders started doing so because of boredom. But I’m pretty sure unleashing your ideas onto a piece of paper, real or virtual, can be a lot of fun. If you’ve got a strong passion for cars and automotive design, you’ve probably seen most of the vehicles ever built or imagined by manufacturers. There are bound to be a few strange cars that you haven’t discovered yet, but we’ll talk about those some other time.

The miracle of photo editing can allow even the most basic users to envision the craziest of ideas. And recently I’ve stumbled upon a series of renderings that are, in essence, sports cars or supercars with visual elements borrowed from regular or lesser vehicles. Some of these concepts work better than others, but that may be down to personal preference as well.

The first render that caught my attention was a Bentley Continental GT with a Nissan Murano nose swap. It doesn’t look bad at all, and it could be Nissan’s alternative to the Lexus LC. After that, someone came up with the idea of a Corvette ZR1 with a Classic MINI. Most people are probably going to hate it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in Japan would be awed by the concept.

If these two renders feel ridiculous, you may be shocked by the sight of a 6th generation Dodge Viper that has the face of a Renault Twingo. If it still has a V10 engine inside, most people would probably give it a thumbs up. A Lamborghini Diablo VT with a Nissan 350Z feels equally as strange, but it’s still not as crazy as the Plymouth Superscion TC.

Yes, someone thought it’d be a good idea to have a Plymouth Superbird looking like a Scion TC. In a way, it looks like an upgrade over the standard version. But I’m sure that Plymouth enthusiasts will immediately label it as “plastic surgery gone wrong.” As with the previous cars, if this still retains the original Hemi engine, I guess there’s no harm done to it. Just imagine how people would react if they’d see you driving this in real life.