“Pomegranate” Koenigsegg Agera RS Becomes World’s Quickest Art Car for a Good Cause


Always nice to see automakers uniquely celebrate their most extraordinary achievements. And it’s even better when an incredibly special car becomes a canvas for a good deed. Especially if we are dealing with a world record unit.

Although one might have trouble recognizing it (not just because of the passage of time), this “Pomegranate” Koenigsegg Agera RS is the example that’s lovingly called “Ruthie.” If that name doesn’t ring any bells, it’s because in 2017, when it performed the production car speed record runs in Nevada, its nickname probably wasn’t official just yet.

But we are glad to make our (late) acquaintance as this special Agera RS unit has been dressed up as an art car. Not just because it looks utterly cool in the colorful attire, but mainly because it’s not for a marketing stunt. Instead, it’s all for a good deed, as a few entities joined forces to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Festival of Children Foundation.

This neat little present is now labeled as “the world’s fastest car.” After all, we are dealing with the Koenigsegg that averaged 278 mph (447 kph) after a couple of successful runs in opposite directions, as per the mandate from Guinness World Records. Surely, other cars have since fought to snatch the controversial title, but it could be opined that, just labeling it as the fastest art car ever, is an easy and clever way out of the conundrum from now on.

And the cheerful wrap is certainly an effective way to showcase the extreme qualities of the Agera RS. After all, even though Koenigsegg has moved to the Jesko series recently, it’s still a very impressive hypercar. One complete with the One-Megawatt performance package, if the customer so desired, which lifted the power to exactly 1,000 kW/1,341 horsepower!

Better yet, the Koenigsegg x James Jean x Ruthie collaboration can be admired in person, as the Agera RS is showcased this September at Ancillary Studios’ Ghost Squadron. The studio is located at the South Coast Plaza center in Costa Mesa, California.