Pontiac Firebird WS6 Gets the Simple Widebody Rendering It Deservers


What is the next collectible car? It’s already way too late to buy a Mk4 Supra or an E30 BMW M3. By the time you’re able to afford the model you’ve wanted as a kid, it’s four times as expensive. But we think the market is sleeping on the ideal mix between a Corvette and a 4-seater, which is the Pontiac Firebird WS6.

People who are into drag racing already know about this Firebird and the equivalent Camaro dubbed the Catfish. Because of their engines and suspension, these two can go really fast down the quarter-mile with minimal mods. But we’re not talking about upgrades. No, collectors cars are meant to be enjoyed as-is or brought to better-than-new condition.

Pontiac is already the coolest discontinued brand ever, filled with muscle car history and the unique Fiero project. The Firebird nameplate sparks imagery of some of the best headlight designs, of Smokey and the Bandit. And this hero car comes with pop-outs.

These Firebird models are based on the F-body platform. They started out looking smooth and aerodynamic, like the C4. But in 1998, a mid-cycle refresh brought about a new hood with dual intakes, lower fender air vents, and those hidden number plates (called pockets) flanked by circular scoops.

Traditionally, the most desirable Pontiacs are the special editions. And you have the Firehawk, the 25th and the 30th anniversary Trans Ams here. Boy, GM sure loves a good anniversary! But we think the WS6 should be your prime pick.

It came with the Ram Air induction kit, 17-inch wheels, and supposedly superior suspension to put the power down. Under the hood is a 5.7-liter LS1 with 325 horsepower. The 2002 engines looked like Corvette setups thanks to the LS6’s intake manifold. In any case, if the WS6 ever becomes famous, it’s going to need a decent body kit. You know, for the millionaires and influences who have nothing better to spend their money on.

And if widebody designs don’t know what to build, they can get a little inspiration from this rendering by artist chopping_pixels. Bolt-on fender flares add several inches of extra bodywork, which combined with the chin spoiler create a look we’re all too familiar with. Call this the Wide Bird or the Fire Body, just don’t call it boring.