Poor Chevrolet Bolt Owners, They Will Never Be Welcome in a Garage Ever Again


As you may recall, some Chevrolet Bolt owners had their cars catching fire due to a problem with the batteries supplied by LG Chem. A recall ensued and Chevrolet replaced many of those faulty batteries, but these cars will always be looked at with suspicion. To alleviate the problem, Chevrolet began sending “Chevrolet Certified” window clings to Bolt owners that have had their cars serviced under the recall campaign. Your car catching fire is a terrifying experience nobody wants to go through. And yet many Chevy Bolt owners found their car on fire while many others feared they’ll be next. The problem stemmed from a manufacturing problem on LG’s side, and even today Chevrolet is not aware of how many cars are affected. Many of these cars have received battery replacements in the recall. The story seems to have a happy ending for Bolt owners that still have their car intact and with a new battery, but things are far from over. Many have reported their cars are banned from entering garages and even parking lots, for fears they will be a danger to other cars. This is a bummer, especially as Chevrolet still recommends Bolt owners not to park their cars inside the house garage or next to other cars for safety reasons. According to Detroit News, Chevrolet decided to start sending Bolt owners “Chevrolet Certified” window clings. Each cling will feature a QR code that will allow parking lot attendants and commercial garage owners to scan the Bolts, confirming that the vehicle has been serviced by a Chevy dealer and has received an updated LG battery. It is a Chevrolet certification saying your Bolt is not a hazard to other cars. We are not sure garage owners and attendants will take the trouble to read what a “Chevrolet Certified” Bolt means, as long as they already know Bolt=fire hazard. In the meantime, Chevrolet has pushed back plans to restart Bolt production at the Orion, Michigan plant well into February. As far as some are concerned, the Chevrolet Bolt is a doomed car model, no matter how safe GM will make it.