Popular crossover BMW X5 will receive a hydrogen version in 2022


BMW is about to offer customers a limited edition hydrogen-powered BMW X5.

Next year, the Bavarian crossover BMW X5 will get a version on hydrogen fuel cells. This news was shared by BMW CEO Oliver Zipse at the annual meeting of shareholders. Small-scale assembly of the novelty will start in 2022.

The desire of the Germans to make one of their bestsellers more sustainable is understandable. In Europe, machine requirements are regularly tightened, as are emissions standards. A similar picture is observed in the world’s largest car market – China. Wanting to comply with the new eco-norms, many automakers are actively electrifying their prayer lines.

However, there are also those who rely not on electric traction, but on hydrogen. Hydrogen transport guarantees not only more economical operation, but also demonstrates greater range. A problematic place that hinders the development of this promising industry is the lack of associated infrastructure, and in particular, filling stations.

Recall that BMW has teamed up with Toyota to develop hydrogen technology for its future cars.

The Japanese automaker has quite a lot of experience in the field of hydrogen cars. For example, the Toyota Mirai sedan, which was once again updated in the winter of 2020.

Previously, AutoTimesNews said that Volvo and Daimler will make hydrogen trucks mass-produced. Such vehicles can boast of a greater power reserve than electric ones, but in the first years such trucks will cost much more than diesel ones.