Porsche expands sports car customization program


Customers of the premium brand will be able to create the sports car of their dreams. This kind of exclusive personalization is very common among luxury car buyers. And Porsche decided to take this into account.

Customizing Porsche vehicles is nothing new to the automaker. Back in 1955, the German brand received requests from its customers for the revision of their cars.

Now Porsche is announcing the expansion of its Exclusive Manufaktur range with Tequipment and Classic. This gives more opportunities to its wealthy customers who want a unique sports car.

To this end, Porsche has expanded the range of products and services across its divisions to such an extent that the customer’s vehicle can be turned into a true one-off exclusive. It is an interpretation of the Sonderwunsch program, which literally translates to “special request”, a customization of a 70s Porsche.

This includes the original exterior design, special prints on rugs, logo projectors on car doors, individual start numbers, etc.

With this approach, the client turns into a designer of his own car. You can also personalize a used Porsche. And also, if desired, the brand’s customers will be able to “pump” the off-road qualities of their car.

Of course, there are limitations. This is, for example, a design inspired by other automakers. Porsche promises to evaluate every request and fulfill it if possible. As for the danger of replicas, Porsche said it will archive every single request and store them in a database.

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