Porsche Facelifts the Panamera Again for 2023, Ahead of Full Switch to Electric


The automotive world is changing at a rapid pace, and a global switch to electric cars seems not only inevitable but fast approaching, especially when talking about mainstream carmakers. Somewhat surprisingly, Porsche is arguably the first niche sports carmaker to jump ahead of the curve when it took the decision to switch the highly successful Macan from an ICE platform to an all-electric one. The announcement came as early as 2019, with the existing Macan SUV receiving a second facelift instead of a new generation since then, as the electric one is coming later in 2022 and will co-exist with the ICE model for a smoother transition. Porsche has also announced that the 718 Boxster and Cayman will also be replaced by electric sports cars instead of a new mid-engine generation but has been tight-lipped about the future of the Cayenne, Panamera and the iconic 911. While we can be certain that the 911 won’t become an EV any time soon, at least not this decade, we can’t say the same about the fourth generation of the Cayenne or the third generation of the Panamera, respectively. The Cayenne is currently on its last leg of testing for a mid-cycle facelift, while only about a year has passed since the Panamera got its own refresh. As it happens, the second-generation Panamera is actually going to have a much longer shelf-life than expected, because we just received the first ever spy photos suggesting a second facelift is coming. In other words, Porsche is pulling a Macan with everyone, while pondering if it needs to invest in a new ICE platform for a brand new Panamera generation. Speaking of platforms, the current Panamera is based on a modular platform shared with the Bentley Flying Spur and the Continental GT, so its future also depends on Bentley’s (and Lamborghini’s) plans for their models as well. The second Panamera facelift is expected to be unveiled sometime in 2023, so the body style should be around until 2025 at the minimum. Taking the second Macan facelift into account, you shouldn’t expect many changes to be made to the Panny, even though at least a mild-hybrid system on its non-plug-in engines in the lineup would be welcomed. The exterior might suffer some nips and tucks inspired by the Taycan and upcoming Macan EV, while the interior should get a new infotainment system. Engine-wise, more power and better fuel efficiency should be synonym with every powertrain in the lineup, but most of them will be carried over without too many modifications. On the other hand, a future electric Panamera would jeopardize Taycan sales, so Porsche’s plans regarding the next generation are definitely a mystery.