Porsche Mission R Morphs Into Mid-Engine 718e Cayman, Gives Us Taycan RWD Dream


Logic dictated that after Porsche officially presented the Mission R electric race car prototype, the virtual automotive world might go berserk with Cayman reinterpretations. And there were no unexpected outcomes. Porsche decided to place a bet that race cars can go fully electric with (almost) no compromises. They called the wager hero Mission R and equipped the concept as an 800-kW (1,073-hp) beast with multiple, innovative technical solutions. Of course, everyone quickly saw beyond the ruse and virtual artists started imagining the future generation 718 Cayman and Boxster with Mission R design traits. Some of the unofficial ideas did not even discard a complete reversal to ICE treatment to keep the spirit of the little sports cars pure. Others just took the styling language and bothered no further with the powertrain. Here is one that does the same. So, we are going to provoke the EV discussion on its behalf. Lars O. Saeltzer, the pixel master behind the Larson Design moniker on social media, brings us yet another Cayman reinterpretation of the Porsche Mission R. It is particularly crimson-fitting, especially for this Christmas-New Year festive season, but let’s just take the rendering for granted and move on. After all, it looks exactly as one would imagine a street-legal production series version of Porsche’s Mission R. We, on the other hand, would also like to discuss its potential Taycan soul. After all, the German sports car maker has a base version of the luxury sedan/shooting brake that would fit like a glove on a hypothetical 718e Cayman. That would be the 79 kWh, 402-horsepower (with overboost) rear-wheel-drive version. It would not be hard to imagine that kind of zero-emission oomph inside the nimble futuristic-looking next iteration, right? Then, all Porsche would have to do to expand the series is find a way to fit inside the mid-engine chassis of the car its Performance Battery Plus package. And voila, a 469-hp (93 kWh) 718e Cayman flagship would be easily born. So, is this merely wishful thinking or a potential real-world route?