Porsche Taycan Rendering Gets RWB Widebody Kit and NFS Underground Vibes


The Porsche Taycan came much too late to be featured in the cult-classic Need for Speed: Underground video game, but if it did, this is probably how most of us would have modified it. Not a lot of us would be willing to drive this thing on the road looking like this, but down in the virtual world where nobody sees what we do (except Google, so behave), we would all go crazy on the electric sedan’s appearance.

The author – who, just to be clear, isn’t Akira Nakai, but someone called Shashank Das – ran the full RWB program on the virtual 3D model of the Taycan, and the result is something that would probably earn Akira’s seal of approval. I mean, for one thing, it has a huge behind, which is always a good place to start when designing a Rauh-Welt Begriff body kit.

So far, at least as far as we know, the Japanese tuner hasn’t touched the battery-powered model, but unless there’s some self-imposed code forbidding the modification of EVs, we’d be surprised if the sedan would escape Akira’s attention for long. Especially given the model’s growing success and popularity.

As we said, the virtual body kit gets a substantial extension of the rear wheel arches, giving the Taycan a more 911-like silhouette with a wider rear track. Those arches are filled by a set of comically wide slick tires that wouldn’t seem out of place next to an F1 race car.

Compared to some RWB designs, you could say Shashank Das played it relatively safe with this conversion. Other than the fat bottom, the rest of the elements aren’t too over the top. The wing, for instance, is disappointingly restrained, and the front splitter, while low and prominent, is not the craziest we’ve seen – certainly not in a digital rendering.

As a result of this relative understatement, the body kit looks a lot more plausible than it would have if the artist were to go completely bananas. That may not be what we want to see in this type of exercise, but it definitely helps keep the eventual real car that was to use it from ending up on the less flattering car-related subreddits. It’s outrageous, but it’s not obnoxious. Great job, we guess.