Portable Air Conditioner Has It All, Also Works as a Flashlight and a Bluetooth Speaker


Easy to carry, the ChillFeed 4-in-1 portable air conditioner is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. You can take it with you in your RV, in your tent when camping, to your office, you name it. The air conditioner measures 19 x 11 x 7 in (49 x 28 x 20 cm) and weighs 19 lb (9 kg). That means portable enough to be your on-the-go cooling machine but just large enough to fit some other cool features under its casing.

Capable of generating 1100 BTUs, the air conditioning can cover up to 55 sq ft (5 sq m), cooling down the air around it to a maximum of 60.8 degrees F (16 degrees Celsius).

The ChillFeed has built-in brushless DC motors and comes with two working modes: the fan mode, and the cooling mode. It comes with a detachable exhaust hose that accelerates air circulation.

It is powered by a 16Ah lithium battery that is easily replaceable and when using the air conditioner at its maximum power, it offers up to six hours of cooling. You can see the remaining battery life on a small display. You can either recharge the battery via a wall outlet, with a solar panel, and it also comes with 24V car recharging.

In addition to being a reliable air conditioner, the ChillFeed also acts as an entertaining hub. It packs in a 20W Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to connect your smartphone and enjoy your favorite tunes.

And if your phone drains out, you can use the ChillFeed as a power bank, as they put three USB ports in it, one type-C, and the other two are type A.

Another useful feature of the portable cooling machine is its 360 degrees rotating LED light, which allows you to use the device as a flashlight, emergency light, for cooking, reading, and many other activities.

The ChillFeed is now promoted through a Kickstarter campaign and it looks like it’s long reached its goals, although the campaign has just been launched. The company raised over $52,000 for the ChillFeed, although it aimed for just $10,000, and there are 44 more days to go.

If you want the 4-in-1 air conditioner plus a battery, you have to pledge a minimum of $369. The estimated delivery date is March 2022.