Premium Volvo facemasks now available from authorised dealerships nationwide


To know more about promotions at BHPetromart, visit With the COVID-19 pandemic very much affecting our lives and the need to protect ourselves, much is being done by the corporate and commercial sector to help in various ways. In the local auto industry, some carmakers have used their production facilities to make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for frontliners, which is much needed as it is one-time use equipment.

Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) has also been doing its part and last year, it rewarded Malaysians who pledged to practice social distancing, an important measure to reduce transmission of the virus. This year, it has collaborated with NanoTextile Sdn Bhd to produce an anti-microbial reusable facemask. The project was initiated to help single mothers while engaging with trained vocational graduates from GIATMARA and local artisans to help them earn a sustainable living during the pandemic.

A sustainability program
Commenting on the collaboration, Nalin Jain, MD of Volvo Car Malaysia, SAID: “The project helps the environment as many surgical masks are being disposed every day that leads to environmental pollution. With sustainability programs like this, we ensure the fabrics are always re-energized by using advanced  technology.”

A study was conducted when designing the facemasks, providing insights into the concerns people have when wearing a surgical facemask. These are cost, waste, allergic reaction and sizing. NanoTextile has addressed these concerns with its facemasks which are made of 100% cotton, are soft and washable, and water-repellent. They have self-cleaning features on the inside and outside layer, allowing use after up to 100 gentle washes.

99.9% anti-bacterial efficacy
NanoTextile’s award-winning technology has anti-bacterial efficacy of more than 99.9% that is laboratory-tested. This prevents contamination of the fabric by viruses and bacteria and decreases the penetration of droplets in contact. The facemask has 5 more layers of protection using a PM 2.5 filter, tested to be 90% effective in viral particle filtration.

Consumers can purchase the facemask from all Volvo dealerships throughout Malaysia. They are available in Medium and Large sizes and with a choice of 3 colours as well as a Batik Tekap pattern. “Batik has always been a pride of our country and we at Volvo Car Malaysia do recognize and embrace local arts and culture, and sustaining our Batik heritage,” said Mr. Nalin.

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