Presented renders of the all-new electric car Porsche 928 Coupe


The Porsche 928 impressed the world back in 1977 with its futuristic styling, luxurious cab and superb handling. Now this sports car has appeared in the form of a modern electric car, however, only on digital images.

The Porsche 928 was developed as a successor to the legendary 911, but the novelty could not repeat the market success of this model. So in 1995, the 928 was phased out, while the 911 is still in service. Regardless, 928 has a loyal following. Among them is the Brazilian car designer Guilherme Knop, who created a modern version of the grand tourer with the help of computer graphics expert João Schendel.

In creating the renderings, the designer was inspired by the 2020 Porsche Taycan, which is a great example of automotive engineering. So, the novelty borrowed the J1 platform from him. In the form of an all-electric grand tourer, the 928 does not receive drastically redesigned forms and proportions. The sports car has retained the front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout and original proportions.

At the same time, the hypothetical successor to the 928 grew in size and tried on larger wheels. The designer has retained the long bonnet, square fenders, sloping roofline and signature B-pillar, while simplifying some of the details and making the body more muscular.

At the front, the headlights are positioned next to the flat bonnet, accentuating the wide fenders. Their rounded shape is reminiscent of the optics of the original sports cars, while the four-point LED graphics reflect the latest design trends from Porsche.

The electric car does not have a traditional radiator grill, and the splitter makes the front of the car more sporty. The stern receives a large rear windshield and the characteristic lateral rear finally triangular in shape. The taillights are much thinner and feature full LED graphics with Porsche branding, similar to the Taycan.

There is also a discreet rear spoiler and a large bumper. The interior of the car flaunts a stylish steering wheel in the spirit of the model of the past, modernized with aluminum inserts. The dashboard is full of screens – digital gadgets, center touchscreen, front passenger display, etc. It seems that the only analogue thing is the traditional clock at the top of the dashboard, since even all the controls are touch-sensitive, including the door locks. In general, the Porsche 928 based on the Taycan seems to be a very real production project.