Prices for unleaded petrol drop below crucial $2 per litre barrier


Pump prices continue to ease for all major fuel types, with 91-octane now back below the important $2 per litre price point.

James Ward


The national average price for 91RON unleaded has dipped below the crucial $2 per litre mark, signifying a two-week period of continual price reduction at the pump.

While capital cities are reporting an average of $1.99 per litre, the national average is now as low as $1.83 for 91RON unleaded.

That said, you may need to look to the suburbs to find the lower pricing as there were no stations with anything less than $2.16 per litre near the Drive office in Melbourne.

Diesel is also showing a continual reduction, with a capital city average down to $2.07 per litre, albeit $2.10 nationally. Do spare a thought for drivers in the Northern Territory though, who still have to deal with prices around $2.57 per litre.

Price patterns for diesel remain consistent across all states where South Australian motorists are seeing a significantly faster reduction in petrol prices compared to drivers in the ACT and NT.

There are still ten weeks remaining in the fuel excise discount period, but the positive sign is that even if the $0.22 cut was reapplied today, pump prices would still be lower than the peak seen in early July. Just.

Global oil prices have rebounded slightly from last week, with today’s value of US$104.22 (A$150.63) per barrel a nine per cent uplift on the recent dip of US$95.78 (A$138.45) per barrel.

James Ward

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