Pricey, Long-Awaited Arc Vector Motorcycle Might Finally Reach Its First Customers Soon


It’s been a bumpy ride for Arc’s Vector bike, dubbed the world’s most advanced fully-electric motorcycle. We have been teased with it starting 2018 when the British company unveiled the two-wheeler, but the extravagant vehicle still hasn’t rolled its wheels off the factory line. But that might finally change this year. Announced in 2018, expected to be delivered in 2020, then forgotten once its manufacturer filed for bankruptcy in late 2019. Resurrected once again last October, when Arc founder Mark Truman announced he got the company back on its feet, and then, once again, no more updates. That’s pretty much Art Vector’s journey in a short version. But just before 2021 ended, Arc announced on its Facebook page that wheels are in motion and the Vector is getting one step closer to being delivered to its first customers. As Truman revealed, the motorcycle is now production-ready, the company has a healthy order book and customers are already going through their new commissioning suite in Central England to individually tailor each Vector bike, making them all unique and ready to turn heads and drop jaws. No specific delivery date has been specified so far. Arc also said that it will launch a limited-edition bike this year and will follow up with more details on its social media channels. The Arc Vector boasts some impressive specs as well as a hefty price tag. The $120,000 electric bike is hand-crafted in Britain and claims a maximum range of 436 km (270 miles). With fast charging capabilities, you can replenish the battery and get back on the road in just 40 minutes. 3.2 seconds are necessary for the Vector to go from 0 to 100 kph (0 to 62 mph) and the motorcycle can reach a top speed of 200 kph (124 mph). The bike weighs 220 kg (485 lb), it features carbon fiber swingarms, custom Ohlins dampers, and a Brembo Stylema brake system. With a fully integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface), the Vector also includes a bespoke Arc Zenith HUD (Head-Up Display)-enabled helmet and a special jacket that houses the Pilot System’s haptic and can provide the rider with useful information.