Prior Design unveils a render of an extremely wide version of the Lexus LFA


Talented artist Prior Design presented his vision of what a Japanese Lexus LFA sports coupe with a widebody body kit could look like.

Lexus has built just 500 examples of the iconic LFA, and given the rarity of this car, it should come as no surprise that very few of them have been modified. However, if Prior Design had released a body kit for a Japanese supercar, it might look something like this.

This video may look very real, but we assure you that it is CGI.

However, it does show how the exterior of the Japanese LFA sports coupe can be transformed with a wide-body body kit. It’s certainly not what we would call “elegant,” but it’s definitely a bold design that makes the LFA even more visible on the street.

The front of the kit consists of a redesigned front fascia with a new bumper, redesigned air intakes and redesigned headlights with LED daytime running lights. Prior Design has also developed a new bonnet for the LFA with prominent air intakes, as well as a set of flared wheel arches at the front. These wheel arches sit above a set of unique rims and are neatly matched with the unique side skirts and rockers.

The changes continue at the rear, where Prior Design has also widened the rear arches and adorned the body kit with bold fins that protrude from the rear of the car and extend up to the rear wing, which is no different from that used in the LFA version, which set an all-time racing record. Nürburgring tracks. Also included are a bold new diffuser and redesigned LED taillights.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the Porsche Taycan received a widebody kit from Prior Design. The famous tuning studio has decided to work on the appearance of the Porsche Taycan electric sedan. I must say that the created wide-body aerodynamic body kit adds even more aggressiveness to the German sports car.