“Puny” 106mm Turbo Chevy Truck Drags Hulking Dodge Demon, It’s Not Even Close


Here’s a snippet of just how crazy dragstrip action can be. In a modern incarnation of the biblical tale of David and Goliath, done racing style, a smallish, beat-down “75 bucks” Chevy LUV truck went up against Demonology’s prepared Dodge Demon.

Anyone with a knack for Dodge’s insane version of the Challenger SRT Hellcat probably heard about Herman Young and his Demonology channel on YouTube. If not, it’s better to check out some of the latest videos to get caught up with all the recent Whipple changes he’s made over the past few weeks.

But just to make sure we are all clear: this isn’t a stock, limited-production extreme drag race-level Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Demon with up to 840 horsepower on tap. Instead, it’s something that has evolved way beyond that. Hence the tacky Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Conan the Barbarian intro. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a good visual substitute for the car’s prowess.

In the other lane sits a meager-looking Chevrolet LUV truck for this 1/8-mile race taking place at Ferris, Texas-based Xtreme Raceway Park. And one might think the puny “light utility vehicle” (a rebadged Isuzu Faster) has no chance at all, given its appearance. But it turns out the owner has built this ride for money racing, and he’s currently testing a new setup. Which, although on the windshield says twin-turbo, only has a single forced induction assistant.

Albeit it’s a massive one, given its 106mm size. Besides, the truck’s overall weight of around 2,600 pounds (1,179 kg) puts the Demon at a huge disadvantage. Well, given the experience of the driver handling the Dodge and knowing that it’s been through a serious aftermarket process, it’s only natural to assume the Chevy didn’t stand a chance.

And, at least on this occasion, there were no surprises. So, in the end, the little Chevy truck did not get anywhere near the Dodge Demon. Still, it was a highly entertaining piece of action, especially since you don’t get to see very often such an odd dragstrip pairing…