R32 Skyline GT-R Takes on Z06 Corvette, Finds Out Why It’s Called Godzilla Slayer


There are so many battle levels when a GT-R goes up against a Corvette. Apart from being an import versus domestic race, it’s also a battle between AWD and RWD. Let’s also not forget the GT-R is a street car while the Z06 is a race car.

Jimmy’s 1990 R-32 Nissan Skyline GT-R has quite the spec sheet. It comes with an RB26 built by Andrew Molina of Animal Auto. It has piston rods, homemade Poncams, extended crank collar, Tomei oil pump, Nitto head drain, GReddy extended sump, Borg Warner turbo, and a Plasma Pro-series intercooler.

The 1990 Skyline GT-R’s RB26 2.6-liter single turbo engine makes 600 hp. It’s mated to a 5-speed manual transmission running on an all-wheel-drive setup. It weighs 3,153 lbs (1,430 kg).

Fera’s Chevrolet Corvette Z06, on the other hand, is the ultimate track ripper. It comes with an intimidating massive aero designed for time attack racing. The Z06 is a monster build. It’s an LME Spec 2,000 hp build. it comes with an RHS block, Callies Crank, Callies rod, and Diamond pistons. 

The 2008 Chevy Corvette’s engine is a 426cl LS7 making 900 hp on low boost and 1,200 hp on high boost. It comes with a 6-speed sequential transmission on a rear-wheel-drive setup.

Round one is a 1,000 ft head-to-head race, and the R-32 gets a massive jump on the Z06 but gets humiliated mid-race. The Corvette wins by a car in an epic finish.

Round two was a 500 ft race, and the loser gets the hit. Once again, the GT-R did a perfect launch. Midway into the race, the Corvette gets a little squirrely and loses to the GT-R by a car.

For the final round, it’s a 1,000 ft race with the GT-R a car ahead. It’s another perfect launch for the R-32, but the Corvette comes in hard, thrusting through the track and finishing first by a bumper.