Ram 1500 Fording Flooded Underpass in Detroit Looks Invincible, Rides the Wave


Dozens of drivers had to be rescued, and hundreds of vehicles were damaged after floods took a heavy toll across Metro Detroit over the past weekend. However, out of the tons of photos and videos showcasing the disaster on social media, we came across a clip portraying the driver of a Ram 1500 who seemed unfazed by the high water.

The vid shows the current-generation truck fording what appears to be a flooded overpass on the I-94 while traveling Westbound, in the proximity of Wayne State University.

And if you feel like the water reaching the level of the headlights seems tricky, we’ll mention that was probably the lowest point it got to during the driver’s charge. The water went all the way past the front grille at times, and it looks like the pickup’s relatively constant speed prevented the said variation from becoming even higher.

The Ram passed other vehicles in its path, with at least one of them apparently floating around.

However, this type of driving is dangerous as liquid entering the air intake can cause the engine to hydrolock, leaving the vehicle stranded in high water and potentially destroying the motor. We can’t tell if the driver had a serious reason to carry on or if it was just an act of “bravery.”

We can notice the truck being taken under the pass from where the adventure was caught on camera, but it’s not clear if the vehicle exited through the other side—lens tip to photographer Joe Gall (a.k.a. camera_jesus) for uploading the footage captured on Saturday to Instagram.

Nevertheless, some Instagram users took to the comments section of the post below to mention the Ram 1500 “made it.”

Vehicles aside, homes and businesses were affected by the heavy rain. And with the water said to have gone as high as 7 inches (17.8 cm) in certain areas, many were left considering the relationship between climate change and this kind of moment, and the measures we can take to prevent or limit the effects of such disasters.