Rare 1971 Dodge Challenger V8 Needs Only Quick TLC, Still Running


Dodge built close to 22,500 Challengers for the model year 1971, and it goes without saying the hardtop accounted for the biggest part of the production. Over 20,000 units therefore rolled off the assembly lines with this body style, and out of them, nearly 19,000 cars were fitted with a V8. When it comes to the convertible, this body style was much rarer on this model year, as Dodge produced only a little over 1,800 units. It’s believed some 1,770 vehicles came with a V8 under the hood, as less than 100 customers wanted their Challenger convertibles to run on six-cylinder power. The 1971 Challenger we have here was also born with a V8 inside, and eBay seller brandomielen0 says the 318 (5.2-liter) is still inside, running, and everything. This is without a doubt good news for someone who wants to bring this Challenger back to mint condition, with the seller explaining some fixes in this regard has already been made. For instance, the interior is completely new, and the convertible top was replaced a few years ago. The car is described as “mostly original,” and the only big part that’s missing is the air conditioning system. The original Dark Green Metallic paint looks good as well, and judging from the photos shared by the seller, it only comes with a few rust issues that should be resolved quite fast. Buying this Challenger clearly won’t be easy, as the car has already attracted the attention of no less than 35 people who are trying to buy it as part of the auction. The top offer at the time of writing is getting very close to $23,000, but this still isn’t enough to trigger the reserve. If you want to see the car in person and inspect everything thoroughly, it’s parked in Albany, New York.