Rare Ford Mustang convertible to Henry Ford’s grandson to be auctioned


At the Barrett-Jackson auction in June this year, they are going to sell a unique convertible Ford Mustang. This copy was released in 1966 for the grandson of the legendary Ford and CEO of the concern Henry Ford II.

The model will be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson next month. It is painted in the unique Raven Black color with a “special glossy shine”. The convertible also boasts a special white leather upper that can be stowed away.

Other highlights include grille fog lights, dual exhaust, side stripes and “specially styled steel wheels.” In terms of features, the doors are adorned with special “HF II” badges.

The Mustang is equipped with an AM / 8-track stereo system, as well as a steering wheel, keys and seat belt buckles with the “HF II” badge.

Under the hood is a 4.7-liter V8 engine. It features a solid lift camshaft, reinforced valve springs, a high flow exhaust manifold and a 4-cylinder carburetor. This allows it to produce 271 hp.

In addition to the powerful V8, the car has a 4-speed manual transmission. Other features include power steering, power-assisted front discs and faster steering ratios than what was offered on the standard Mustang GT.

The convertible has spent most of its life in France. It is accompanied by documentation, including a letter from the director of public relations for Ford France, which states that the Ford Mustang with serial number 6F08K285715 was a car ordered by Ford for Henry Ford II during his time in France. He received a special finish, paint and leather upholstery.