Rare Volvo station wagon in corporate color up for auction


The seller is going to bail out an amount for it, which is three times the original price tag of the model.

A rather rare Volvo 850 T-5R Estate will be auctioned off at The Collectables online auction. The body of the car has a pale beige shade typical for this model with the beautiful name Cream Yellow.

Bidding will last a little more than a week, while the station wagon is asking for 5,875 euros. The seller himself is optimistic and wants to sell the station wagon for no less than 16-21 thousand euros. This is three times what he paid for it himself.

The limited edition 850 T-5R is based on the 850 Turbo. Such machines appeared in 1995. In total, 9,964 special station wagons came off the assembly line, and only 2.53 thousand cars of this number received a cream shade.

Moreover, on this project, Swedish engineers worked in tandem with Porsche specialists. The Germans helped the Swedes to tune the suspension, engine and transmission, and also worked on the interior design.

Such a station wagon is equipped with a 2.3-liter in-line engine with a new Bosch control unit. In standard mode, its power is 225 hp, and in overboost it reaches 240 hp. A station wagon with a manual gearbox accelerated to a hundred in 6.9 seconds, a car with an automatic gearbox spent 7.4 seconds on this exercise. The speed of the station wagon was electronically delimited at 245 km / h.

The sedan put up for sale managed to travel about 350,000 kilometers, and its body was repainted. Everything else in this Volvo is original. Even the decor made of natural wood has been preserved. And also side airbags: they were first used on the 850 T-5R.