Recreating the Dumb and Dumber Mini Bike Trip Is One Way to Live Dangerously


Two motorcycle journalists aimed to answer that question, even if that meant the most uncomfortable, painful, and downright dangerous ride of their life. Zack Courts and Ari Henning from Revzilla asked themselves “What if?” about the characters’ trip from Nebraska to Aspen, Colorado, and then set out to answer it.

The result is a 30-minute video that rivals the 3-minute sequence in the film in terms of humor and tops it in terms of danger. Zack and Ari built their own mini bike, which they strove to make as close to the movie version as possible: with just 6.5 hp, it rode on tiny 5-inch wheels, had no suspension, and a seat that could barely fit two grown men as long as they didn’t mind huddling up close.

Ari and Zack didn’t mind, mostly because of the cold weather and heavy winds they faced on their nearly 400-mile (644-km) journey. It lasted several days and saw them go through two and a half rear tires, 7 gallons (26.4 liters) of gas, and one round of wind-resistant, battery-heated clothes. Still, they made it to Aspen in one piece.

To avoid going on the interstate (the “hoggie” was road legal, but it barely did 35 mph/56 kph and was likely to change direction whenever the passenger moved or they were passed by a larger vehicle), the two journos had to take two different sections of dirt road. The already-shoddy brake almost gave way completely downhill, and they were soon forced to use both pair of legs for braking. Furthermore, their entire bodies went numb from the lack of suspension, yet they were still able to complete the stretches quicker than anticipated.

In the end, this ultimate (and ultimately dumb) road trip proved that even a movie as ridiculous as Dumb and Dumber is anchored in reality. The scene that takes 3 minutes of screentime in the film, showing the characters making their way from Nebraska to Colorado, in Aspen (which they wrongfully assume is in California) can be replicated in real life, Zack and Ari have shown. But you have to be really dumb to try it and, just as importantly, have a friend to match you in dumbness.