Renault sets up production center for Renault Electricity electrical solutions


As part of Renaulution’s strategic plan, the Renault Group and the designated unions (CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, CGT, FO and SUD) have signed an agreement on the future of Renault’s production sites in the Haute-de-France region.

It provides for the creation of Renault ElectriCity, a legal entity wholly owned by Renault SAS, and the amalgamation of the industrial sites in Douai, Maubeuge and Ruiz, employing nearly 5,000 people.

The Renault Group plans to transform these factories into the most competitive and efficient electric vehicle business in Europe, with 400,000 vehicles produced annually by 2025. As part of this agreement, the Renault Group has three key objectives:

700 jobs by 2025 and commitment to economic and social development

To support this ambitious industrial project, the Renault Group plans to create 700 permanent jobs from 2022 to 2024: 350 in Maubeuge and 350 in Douai and Ruiz. Recruitment will be supported by local employment authorities, Pôle Emploi and all stakeholders in the region.

The Haute-de-France region has all the necessary resources to become the European leader in technology and production capacity for electric transport. With the support of its R&D divisions, the Renault Group will partner with universities to create curricula adapted to the changing automotive market and improve research efficiency.

The Renault Group will also participate in incubator-style innovation programs with various start-ups and specialist companies to support future automotive developments.

Finally, given that proximity to partners is essential to success, the Renault Group will demonstrate the benefits of locating a battery plant and EV component manufacturing partners near its industrial sites.

“I am proud to have been involved in the creation of Renault ElectriCity, a symbol of Renault’s technological innovation and know-how, and in enhancing the economic and social attractiveness of the Haute-de-France region in Europe. The agreement signed by all unions confirms that commitment by employees, constructive public dialogue and a strong local presence are key to developing an efficient and attractive industrial model, ”said Luciano Biondo, Director of Renault ElectriCity.