Retired People Are Most Likely to Buy New Vehicles, Study Shows


A new survey has revealed interesting results about new car buyers in the United Kingdom, along with providing information about customers of used cars as well. While there are many takeaways from the survey made by Autovia, 13 percent of customers turned down a test drive before purchasing. Moreover, 11 percent of new car buyers got a second vehicle instead of replacing their existing automobile. The same percentage of respondents among online shoppers said they did not want to speak to a real person, which is why they bought a vehicle online. Another captivating piece of information is that 55 percent of newly-acquired vehicles in the UK in the past two years were purchased outright. The customers claimed to have had the money from savings or a bank loan, but the news is that many preferred an outright purchase instead of a lease. Real-life also beats myths when acquiring new vehicles, as the biggest segment of new car buying customers in the UK in the past two years were women aged 56 and over. Retirees are more likely to buy their next car new than anyone else, studies show. Out of the UK, Scots are more likely to buy a new car than their counterparts in Wales or England. Meanwhile, Wales is the biggest market for used cars in the UK. Unfortunately, the company behind the study, Autovia, has not provided any figures on these two conclusions. Dealers should also know that women are most likely to remain loyal to their original supplying dealer, while online customers are more likely to recommend the supplier to others. Customers who have bought their new vehicle from a dealer are not as likely to recommend the dealer to others, unlike those who shop online for a new vehicle. According to Autovia, the survey they made is the most comprehensive in the country, as it involved over 7,000 new car buyers and almost 9,000 used car owners. All respondents have acquired their new-to-them vehicle in the last two years, which was a rule to help make the survey relevant.