Revived Jeep Comanche Fights Maverick With CGI Unibody, Has Grand Cherokee DNA


Let’s face it, bite-sized trucks are all the rage today, especially for pickup fans dwelling across the American continent. Both down South and in the North, as it turns out.

Hyundai is already thriving and selling loads of 2022 Santa Cruz trucks in North America. The Latin region is also absolutely delighted by models such as the Fiat Toro (Ram 1000 in certain markets) or Renault’s Duster Oroch. And more companies are joining the party, with Chevrolet eager to give customers the all-new (Nova) Montana, for example.

Naturally, the compact pickup truck movements haven’t escaped the watchful eyes of the automotive world’s virtual artists. And they have been hard at work proposing all sorts of potential newcomers. Naturally, as Ford has the Maverick to compete against Santa Cruz and General Motors will soon fight the Toro and Duster Oroch with the Nova Montana, there’s just one large Detroit automaker left.

So, pixel masters are joining forces to try and lure Stellantis into the battle. After recently seeing a potential Ram “1200” unibody for Latin America, it’s time for Theo, the virtual artist better known as theottle on social media, to suggest something for the United States as well.

Naturally, the customers might relate better to something they already know and love, so the CGI expert cooked up a revival of the XJ Cherokee compact SUV-based Jeep Comanche pickup truck (produced for model years 1986-1992). And he’s not taking the lazy approach of simply grafting the Compass styling onto the Fiat Toro body.

Instead, the pixel master proposes a fresh take for the compact unibody pickup truck based on the manly 2022 Grand Cherokee. With a little help from the 2022 Maverick as well, as shown in the behind-the-scenes making-of video embedded below.

But we really don’t mind the stolen CGI credentials because the result is extremely alluring. Besides, the reinvented Comanche also kept the Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid’s charging port… so that makes us dream of a little electrified Jeep truck that would be even more sustainable than a 2022 Maverick hybrid!