Rick Ross Declares His Love for the Americana with Garage Full of Black Chevys


Rapper, CEO and entertainer, Rick Ross has a big love for cars which is well documented in his music. Besides having a song called “Aston Martin Music,” his record label is also car themed, called Maybach Music Group. But, while he has an impressive collection of over 100 vehicles, the rapper shows a real love for Americana.

Just a few days ago, Ross showed off his new ride, a custom-made Hummer H1. But the music mogul seems to have a soft spot for General Motors automobiles. On his Instagram Story, the “Hustlin’” rapper is giving us a glimpse at his collection of American vehicles, showing us his all-black Chevy collection.

At first, the tour starts with him showing off the custom Corleone Forged wheels called “Boss Edition” on a shiny, black Chevrolet. The rapper and the wheel manufacturers have previously worked together on a red and silver rim, called Rick Ross x Corleone Forged “Boss Edition.”

But brace yourselves, cause the tour is just starting, as the rapper has much more to offer. He moves on to show a Chevrolet Caprice, and a Chevrolet Bel Air. In another short video, we also see a ’71 Caprice running a modified Camaro engine, and at the end of the tour, Ross takes it out for a spin after a jogging session.

In a different post, Rick Ross also presents his custom, black motorcycle. The vehicle is packed with speakers and even has a digital display showing what music is playing. For the motorcycle, he worked with another American brand, PowerHouse Custom Cycles, and given all the features he needed, Ross allegedly paid them $1 million for the build.

But at the end of the day one might say that Bel Airs are his favorite cars. Not long ago, Ross showed owns multiple versions of this model, all lined up on his driveway. The automobiles are all second generation from 1955 and 1957, in different colors. He even met up with Jay Leno to film a segment for Leno’s show about his red custom 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.