Rivian Opens Its First Hub in Venice, California, on October 17th


On October 17th the Rivian Venice Hub will open up to the public offering test drives, a space to connect, and even some workshop classes like Organic Gardening 101.

Technology is changing the way we live and interact and there’s no better proof than the Rivian Venice Hub. Customers are buying online more than in-store these days. With that in mind, Rivian decided to change the way the company interacts with customers.

They’re hoping to gather customers and prospective buyers together in these hub spaces. The goal isn’t simply to sell a vehicle so much as it is to form a community. According to Rivian, “A hub is where people can come together and learn about everything from how to make the most of their vehicles to practicing good stewardship in our planet’s wild spaces.”

Choosing Venice, California, as the site of the very first hub was no accident. Rivian touts it as “a preferred home for free thinkers and experimenters of every stripe.” That’s certainly in line with the companies values.

The Rivian R1T is after all the very first electric truck to reach production. In achieving that feat it beat out Tesla, General Motors, and Ford.

What’s perhaps more shocking is that from all accounts, it’s an absolute winner in the flesh. It’s already proven capable both on and off-road.

Providing a space for people to come together while centered around Rivian as a brand feels appropriate. The hub will include a large dining area, a library, and a space for viewing films outdoors.

The Venice Hub already has a slew of interesting events lined up too. After opening on October 17th, the first event is set to take place on the 23rd. It’s entitled “Planting a Fall Edible Garden” and will be followed up, on the 26th, by the “How to Build a Portable Glamping Campsite” event.

It might seem strange now, but this just might be the future we’re seeing unfold.