Rolls-Royce announced a return to the bus industry


Rolls-Royce will offer its fans body models built on luxury architecture.

Rolls-Royce is returning to its roots as the company is once again into bodywork. The one-off Sweptail was the start of a journey that ultimately led to the rebuilding of the Coachbuild division, the automaker said.

The brand said its Coachbuild division will enable customers to go beyond existing constraints and explore “near-limitless possibilities.” Basically, everything in the body models will be unique, with the exception of the drivetrain and architecture.

The brand’s press office noted that their Luxury architecture was designed from the ground up to be scalable to a range of different models. It has four fixed points, but the distance between them can be whatever their designers and engineers want. In addition, the bulkhead, floor, cross member and sill panels can be stretched or compressed.

The company says the architecture allows them to create almost any body shape customers can imagine, with the only limitations being “fundamental design and engineering requirements.”

Rolls-Royce added that the platform echoes many of the chassis features that were used in coachbuilding around the turn of the century.

Every car built in the first quarter of this year received custom-made parts. This is the first experience for the company. All this makes Rolls-Royce cars a real work of art. The company also highlighted past body models, including models with flower vases, outside tables and a state-of-the-art sound and TV system.

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