Rolls-Royce Cullinan Ensemble Is Black and Bright in Just One Special Place on Earth


Certain people just want their vehicle to represent a very colorful statement. They are among the few ones that do not have a boring car shade choice, so they probably don’t mind paying extra. Or having to go all the way to Moscow to snatch the latest Cullinan fashion statement. In case someone is worried about how winter might affect the potential of ultra-luxury automakers to showcase their latest special edition crossover SUVs, there is something to alleviate the concerns. In a casually snowy environment, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Europe has proudly highlighted on social media the Moscow, Russia-based debut of a bespoke collection of ultra-posh SUVs. At night and during a snowfall! But it seems the five Cullinans did not mind that at all. After all, they’re part of the new, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Moscow’s exclusive “Black and Bright” collection of bespoke SUV fashion statements. The custom luxury crossovers have been inspired by “the mood of Moscow as it shifts to night.” And they would be easy to observe even in pitch darkness because they’re not members of the boring white or gray category. They are not even that black, although all five do belong to the Black Badge series. Instead, Rolls-Royce opted for a range of brightly colored bespoke paintjobs: Twilight Purple, Forge Yellow, Magma Red, Orange Metallic, and Turchese. On the other hand, they’re not entirely original either. Rolls-Royce itself notifies us that it is not the first time we are seeing a “Black and Bright” collection. As such, the custom Black Badge Cullinans follow in the footsteps of a successful Black and Bright Wraith collection from a couple of years earlier. So, perhaps it’s not necessary to book the first flight to Moscow to secure an example, after all… Besides, the luxury British automaker has refrained from giving too many specific details. So, there is no word on technical capabilities (one can assume it’s a stock 6.75-liter V12 story in there). As well as no clues towards the colorful one-of-a-kind interiors and their bespoke, exposed carbon-fiber and posh leather arrangements… Luckily, we do have a couple of videos embedded below in exchange for the mystery.