Rolls-Royce has come up with a very unusual position for an 8-year-old girl


Not everyone knows, but the British automaker not only produces luxury limousines, but honey. Moreover, the company, without undue modesty, calls their honey “Rolls-Royce” in the world of honey.

Last spring, when the production of cars was literally paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic, Rolls-Royce was actively collecting honey near its headquarters in the British county of West Sussex. Now the brand has acquired the first junior beekeeper.

It was Poppy Liddle, eight, from Selsey, UK. Rolls-Royce management was moved by the sad story of the theft of her personal hive in April this year. The automaker decided to support the child’s interest in this area and came up with an honorable and interesting position for Poppy. As for the theft itself, without which this news would not exist, it looks very strange.

To steal the hive, the thieves had to bypass two fences, one of which is electric, and avoid CCTV cameras. Who would take so much trouble to steal a hive? It turns out that in the United States, for example, this is a whole problem. But in the UK there is still nothing passers-by.

On May 14, Lenochka visited the automaker’s apiary in Goodwood. There she met Jason Hampton, the company’s beekeeper, and received a certificate confirming her position.

“We were encouraged to invite Poppy to an apiary in Goodwood after we read in the local newspaper about the theft of her hive,” said Richard Carter, Rolls-Royce’s chief beekeeper. “She is the first person to be made a junior beekeeper at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars: we were all incredibly impressed with her knowledge and love for bees, and we are very lucky to have her on our team.”

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