Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai commissions the Carbon Veil for The Gallery in the Phantom


Unique to the latest Rolls-Royce Phantom is an area of the dashboard called The Gallery. It is a glass enclosure running almost the entire width of fascia and it has been incorporated to house bespoke artistic creations inside the limousine. The owners of the Phantom can insert whatever they wish as part of the personalization of their limousine and Rolls-Royce dealerships also come up with some creative ideas for their customers. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai is one of them and it has commissioned the Carbon Veil for the Phantom Gallery. The work of art was designed by the Rolls‑Royce Bespoke Collective in England and realized by artist and sculptor Alastair Gibson, who combined knowledge and expertise gained in Formula 1 to create his carbonfibre masterpieces. The Carbon Veil took 2 years to create and unlike most automotive applications where just 3 or 4 layers of carbonfibre are used, no fewer than 150 sheets were permeated with resin and compressed to form a single, solid billet for the Carbon Veil. The construction technique is genuinely ground-breaking, with the result being ultra-stylish, contemporary and beautiful. “It required a huge amount of experimentation to produce the Carbon Veil Gallery. The main challenge in creating the shape was ensuring that the weave of the carbonfibre remained horizontal and parallel throughout. It had to be perfect – because this is a Rolls‑Royce,” said Gibson. As an original work of art, the Carbon Veil introduces a highly contemporary note to the Phantom’s interior. Its sharp, angular surfaces and the distinctive woven surface are synonymous with innovation, technology and performance. Depending on the customer’s preference, the carbonfibre is finished in either clear or matte lacquer which brings out the weave pattern and protects it from harmful ultraviolet rays. The whole piece is sealed under a single pane of glass. The Gallery is a space protected behind glass. This space affords the opportunity to introduce sharp and aggressive forms, which are unprecedented for the interior of a motor vehicle. The design of the faceted milled carbonfibre sculpture was originally inspired by the angular, aggressive, stealthy shapes of the 118 WallyPower (a luxury yacht said to cost £14 million). Each Phantom Gallery is individually assembled in the Clean Room at the factory. Completed in 2020, this medical-grade facility provides a 100% sterile environment where Bespoke items and other delicate components can be produced entirely free of dust and particles. Two other examples of The Gallery. The gunmetal exterior of the car is bolstered with an iced finish with gunmetal contrast bonnet, while the coachline and waftline are accented in a vivid mandarin orange. At the helm of the bonnet proudly stands the retracting Spirit of Ecstasy crafted from carbonfibre. Within the interior, the anthracite brightwork provides moments of contrast, along with the colour-keyed rotary controls and leather detailing. The dark tones and light leather flourishes beautifully accent the Veil Gallery upon the Phantom’s fascia. The flawless Black Pack elements on the exterior include an alluring black trim on the windows, the grille and the exhausts. The very attitude and nature of The Gallery has been extended to the other Bespoke details on both the exterior and interior of the Phantom it resides within. With a highly contemporaneous edge, the limousine exemplifies the spectrum of Bespoke potential, with the Phantom itself as a canvas quite like no other. The post Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai commissions the Carbon Veil for The Gallery in the Phantom appeared first on News and reviews on Malaysian cars, motorcycles and automotive lifestyle.  » Read More