Rolls-Royce serviced the SRH children’s electric car


Driving this car, children go to the operating room on their own. The model was created for the pediatric ward of St. Richard’s Hospital, following a run of 100,000 m.

Each Rolls-Royce is hand-assembled at the brand’s factory with a unique story behind it. One Bespoke project, however, holds a special place in the hearts of the Rolls-Royce team – the SRH children’s electric car. He recently returned home to the brand’s Goodwood plant for careful inspection and gentle maintenance.

The Rolls-Royce SRH is dedicated to the pediatric ward of St. Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, where it plays an important role. Young patients undergoing surgery do not go to the operating room on foot or in a wheelchair, but on their own in a small Rolls-Royce. This simple measure can reduce anxiety and turn a stressful situation into an enjoyable, memorable experience – for the children themselves, as well as for their parents and hospital staff.

The car was built and handed over to the hospital in 2017. From that moment on, more than 2,000 brave kids have taken a ride behind the wheel. The driving conditions inevitably take a toll on its elegant paintwork – perhaps the only known case of a Rolls-Royce being driven through hospital corridors by young non-driver drivers.

The car returned home to the Rolls-Royce factory for service after the first 100,000 meters. Bespoke’s craftsmen and the brand have carefully restored SRH to its original state.

As a result of maintenance and repair work, the vehicle will return to the hospital and resume its modest duties.

Linda Collins, Nurse in Day Surgery, said: “This is the perfect time to service our miniature Rolls-Royce as we emerge from restraint and resume pediatric surgical services. And our young patients will again be able to drive their way to the operating room in this car. This helps you take your mind off the procedure and focus on the unique experience of driving a real Rolls-Royce in the hospital corridors under safe surveillance. Many thanks to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for helping us keep our beloved little car in top condition. “