Rotisserie 1972 Plymouth Duster Flaunts Hemi Orange Shade and Tasteful Mods


Devised as a competitor for the Chevrolet Nova or the Ford Maverick (not the 2022 compact pickup truck, though), Plymouth offered the Duster for a noticeably brief period, for the 1970 to 1976 model years. But it still made an impact.

A decidedly semi-fastback two-door coupe one. This version of the compact-sized Plymouth Valiant seems to have kept a little fanbase up to this very day. Otherwise, such pristine examples like this 1972 Hemi Orange-dressed Duster wouldn’t pop up for sale now and then.

This unit is part of the decidedly cool inventory of Sherman, Texas-based PC Classic Cars and according to the description, it arrived there featuring an older rotisserie restoration. There’s no information about when the TLC took place, but as far as we can tell it was a very well-done job, as the Duster still looks impeccable to this very day.

It will be a remarkable sight for anyone thanks to its original (repainted) EV2 Hemi Orange paintjob. The white hood and stripes, along with the cartoonish details clearly show it has been in the possession of a passionate owner. The Duster also rides on staggered 15-inch Mopar Rally wheels shod in white letter tires (215 up front and 255s in the rear). That’s a useful hint towards the power lurking under the neat little hood.

Moving inside, the little Plymouth shows a matching white upholstered interior with a black dashboard and aftermarket gauges. One quick peek at the odometer will reveal just 6,466 miles (10,406 km), but it’s only logical they’re of the nasty TMU (total mileage unknown) variety.

Aside from the spectacular looks, the Duster also has some custom changes going on for itself. While originally this was a G-code 318ci model, under the hood now resides a swapped four-barrel 340ci mill. And it gets better, as the A904 TorqueFlite three-speed automatic has a Gearvendors overdrive unit. There’s also a cold-blowing AC inside, along with power steering, while safe stopping is provided via a set of Wilwood disc brakes.

Last, but not least the dual exhaust system comes with headers… and summing it all up, the dealer reckons this little Duster is worth quite a lot. So, the $33,500 asking price is quite impressive in its own right, though not necessarily on the positive side of the equation.