Rowdy Chevy Corvette C1 Mixes Slammed Racer Looks and Virtual C7 Powertrain


Many enthusiasts say there’s no cooler blank canvas for making a vehicle your own than “America’s sports car.” And with no less than eight generations under the belt, there’s a wide range to pick from.

Sure, contemporary fans might easily focus on the latest (and arguably greatest) iteration, the mid-engine C8. But it would be a gross understatement to say the C1 to C7 generations have become redundant… or even worse, irrelevant. After all, each one of them can be considered an epic series in its own right when taken alone.

So, how about doubling the legendary status by mixing the original C1 Chevrolet Corvette with the last front-engined C7? Well, there’s a chance it could look like this. But only if you’re willing to accept the virtual point of view of Rostislav Prokop, the pixel master behind the rostislav_prokop account on social media.

Without giving us many hints about the ultimate goal or the way he came up with this C1/C7 interpretation, it’s rather hard to predict what happened here. But we can always speculate. So, we are presented with a flashy, golden-yet-rowdy, Corvette C1. It looks like a restomod, all right, that styling direction is clear at least.

We could also bet on the outrageous result of being as happy as it gets in a track situation. Or, perhaps it’s just a showpiece – destined to live five minutes in the SEMA Show spotlight and then lay dormant as a garage/trailer queen that doesn’t want and doesn’t know how to ride properly.

Irrespective of its true intentions, we do see it as a slammed representative of the custom aftermarket sector, complete with a controversial aero package and stylish deep-dish wheels. There are no visible C7 design influences, save for the centrally-located quad exhaust system. So, we can safely assume that most of the C7-derived V8 magic happens under the hood.