Sacrilegious NASCAR-Rated DB5 Rendering Mixes Corvette Touches With Voodoo Power


Born early during the 1960s, the Aston Martin DB5 isn’t as “popular” with classic car customizers like some of its American counterparts, such as the original Ford Mustang. According to Abimelec Arellano, the virtual artist behind the abimelecdesign social media account, it could be down to its “near-perfect design or the huge price tag.” Nevertheless, what’s considered unthinkable in real life might be less of a profanation across the imagination land.

And it seems that pixel masters are using each other as inspiration sources. After all, we just saw the Aston Martin V8 Vantage take an odd turn for virtual Formula Drift duties. But, at least, Arellano isn’t just content with modifications that may or may not point towards the motorsport series outcome. Instead, he just decided to make purists cry, run away, and generally turn amuck with a set of renderings depicting a casual light-beige (to me it’s more like a shimmering pink hue) and green DB5.

The Aston Martin has remained true(ish) to its grand touring heritage but has also embarked on a virtual journey into the great… NASCAR. Yes, we’re not kidding. He apparently “wanted to make it a NASCAR chassis V8 powered race car type thing,” and so the Aston Martin DB5 relinquished some of its European roots in favor of a set of American-made enhancements. The most obvious would be the wide Goodyear Billboard tires, but original Corvette fans will surely notice the headlight mesh covers first.

And that’s not all, because the real bombshell is hidden under the hood. There, a proud flat-plane crank V8 engine shows its modern 5.2-liter Voodoo credentials. Yes, it’s the same mill used inside the 2015-2020 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350. So, with that in mind, did anyone also notice the DB5 has the fenders cut out to make way for the chunky tires?

Well, at least the interior has a British Racing Green shade and “plaid details here and there,” while the rear vanity plate is a direct reference to James Bond. Probably as a consolation prize…