Samsung Could Help Hyundai Deal With the Chip Shortage, Silence Is an Answer Too


The whole world is still struggling with the very constrained chip inventory, and automakers, in particular, are hit hard by the lack of semiconductors required for their cars. The disruptions caused by the chip shortage are massive, and companies out there turned to various decisions to cope with the whole thing, including suspended production at certain factories and cars sold without certain systems. South Korean President Moon Jae-in knows how Hyundai Motor, the country’s largest car manufacturer, could deal with the lack of chips much easier: work together with Samsung and therefore build a large chip inventory as fast as possible. Speaking recently about a potential collaboration, Moon Jae-in more or less suggested the two could end up working together, though, on the other hand, neither Hyundai nor Samsung wanted to say anything in this regard. “There’s nothing we can say about the deal,” a Hyundai spokesperson was quoted as saying. This statement appears to suggest a deal does exist, so in theory, it’s all just a matter of time until Hyundai and Samsung join forces for a more effective plan to handle the chip crisis. It goes without saying such collaboration can only be good news for Samsung. The South Korean tech behemoth is already a supplier of memory chips for Hyundai, but on the other hand, the partnership would expand their agreement and also cover chips that would be used on critical car systems. At this point, Hyundai is working with other companies to get chips for infotainment and other systems installed on its models, including Infineon and NXP. The memory chips supplied by Samsung are being used by Hyundai for navigation systems, and at this point, they are only used on a very small number of cars in the portfolio of the South Korean manufacturer. If anything, a potential collaboration between Samsung and Hyundai on the chip front could be announced in the first quarter of 2022.