Scuderia Ferrari starts its 1,000th F1 race today


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Today, at the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix, Scuderia Ferrari will start their 1,000th race in the Formula 1 World Championship. The team made their debut at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1950, the second race on the inaugural F1 calendar. In that race, the team’s Alberto Ascari finished second, a lap down on Juan Manuel Fangio, who won for Alfa Romeo. A second Ferrari driver, Raymond Sommer, finished fourth.

Alberto Ascari Ferrari 1950 Monaco F1 Grand Prix.Scuderia Ferrari entered its first F1 race at the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix, with Alberto Ascari finishing second overall.

First victory in 1951
Scuderia Ferrari, also known as ‘The Prancing Horse’, holds a record 237 victories (plus a win for a privately-entered car at the 1961 French Grand Prix). Their first victory was at the 1951 British Grand Prix, which was won by Jose Froilan Gonzalez, while the most recent win was scored by Sebastian Vettel at the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix.

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