Second electric car HiPhi showed on patent images


The Chinese startup has patented the exterior of its second model HiPhi. Before us is an electric sedan with a rather unusual appearance.

Human Horizons, a Shanghai-based company, registered its second model with the Chinese Patent Office at the end of last week. The firstborn of the promising startup was the original cross-van HiPhi X, whose market debut took place in May.

The brand’s second car is an electric sedan with a sporty design. Moreover, the body of the car turned out to be so tricky that the proportions of a classic sedan are guessed in it with great difficulty. There is also something of a coupe-like station wagon in it.

The newest car can be named HiPhi S by analogy with the Tesla Model S, and it will also get cameras instead of traditional rear-view mirrors. There are no door handles, but there is a stylish aerodynamic body kit.

Doors open contactlessly using an electric drive. Interestingly, the rear doors swing open against the course.

The new car will clearly not fall into the segment of budget cars. HiPhi X is valued at 570,000-800,000 yuan. Tesla Model S on the Chinese car market costs at least 799,990 yuan.

HiPhi X gets a twin-engine power plant with 598 horsepower. The 97 kWh battery guarantees it a range of 550 kilometers. At the end of 2022, the Chinese promise to equip their cars with more capacious batteries – 120 (electric mileage 800 km) and 160 kW (1000 km). By this time, the new sports sedan should be on sale.